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For $3,000 per year a school can sponsor the child of a teacher in one of the Episcopal Schools of Honduras.  Faculty at the E.S.H. are paid extremely modest salaries and most cannot afford even the extremely modest tuitions of their schools.  Teachers in American schools understand how important it is to have an opportunity for their children attend the schools in which they teach.

This principle of partaking of one’s labor was addressed by God’s first laws given to man.  In Deuteronomy 25:4 the scripture states ‘you shall not muzzle the ox while he is threshing.” This is a statement regarding the appropriateness of allowing those who are laboring to partake of those labors.  If it is appropriate for even the ox to partake of its labor, how much more should those who labor as teachers in the Episcopal schools be able to partake of their labors by having their children in the school?

If the $3,000 annual sponsorship is divided by the number of faculty in your school, the per-teacher contribution is extremely modest ($30 X 100 faculty).  Please consider sponsoring a teacher’s child in an Episcopal School in Honduras.

*The average per student annual cost of attendance of the seven bi-lingual Episcopal Schools of the Diocese of Honduras.