Our mission is to promote education that not only seeks to develop each student academically, but more importantly, to prepare each student as an individual to live a creative, humane and compassionate life worthy of a child of God and an active member of our society.


At Holy Trinity Episcopal School we aim to offer students an environment of personal growth, excellent education where they can learn in a happy and loving environment.  We strive to create an environment conducive to learning, including teachers, programs and its contents clean and tidy classrooms and students with a positive attitude towards learning all materials in class, classroom discipline and security to do what is must be done in a timely manner. We strive every day to the formation of values and human and Christian virtues, a good example, a timely correction,. A good class, a sign of affection and so on. we form the students in the classroom.

His academic training and intellectual growth is intimately linked to growth in the Christian faith. Our mission is to teach them that God wants the best for each of us. A student made with love for God is sure of himself and is apt to develop an atmosphere of harmony with peers, teachers and other school community Grows as the student understands the importance of developing a curriculum and for each subject and the different disciplines that are taught throughout the learning process.

Our educational program focuses on training students academically demanding because it means they are aware of their own learning process and what is expected of him. So the academic area teachers are forced to the revision of curricula, suggest new content and text, promote more internal and external activity of the school, in general, seek academic challenges.

I thank all the parents who have chosen our school for the training of their children, our students. Thanks to the support group represented by each grade for their important participation in various school activities. Thanks to the support and administrative staff who quietly serve other fundamental aspects of our school to function. Thanks to all our teaching staff with dedication and professionalism in the classroom are the materialization of our educational project. Thanks to Ms. Veronica flowers leading goals to lead the church to the school as a community function. Thanks to our Reverend Nery Varela for their constant company and thanks to you my dear students to make sense of my daily tasks.

Mary Ann Monteilh, Director


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