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In Honduras the work of the Episcopal Schools is vital to their sustainability as a nation.  As one of the poorest and youthful countries in the Western Hemisphere, economic and social stability is largely dependent on the education of its youth.  The nearly 1,700 students in the seven bi-lingual Episcopal Schools are being prepared as the future leaders of Honduras.

In spite of serving with limited resources and exhausted facilities, the dedicated teachers and staff of these schools are committed to preparing the students to be globally competent bi-lingual graduates who exhibit the creativity, character, and problem solving skills necessary to lead Honduras in the future.  Your prayers and support are vital to their effort.

In addition to praying regularly for this important work, I encourage you to consider these other ways of supporting the Episcopal Schools of Honduras:


*To discuss opportunities to help with critical repair or building projects, contact Steve Robinson.


Thank you for being a Friend of the Episcopal Schools of Honduras.  Your prayers and support are cherished and appreciated.